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Updated 10/2/2009
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My name is Montse Gisbert, and I am from the Ebro River Delta in Catalonia, Spain. For sometime now I have lived in Brussels...
What do I like?…
Well, many wonderful things…stories, riddles, bees, elephants, my Mother’s rice & beans, bakeries, tulips, daisies, the moon and the magic gesture of creation!
I love to write colorful images and to draw happy stories.

I invite you to discover my work for children, and even "big children" like their parents. Feel free to send any comment and I will gladly answer them.To explore others places, Prout-Prout the dwarf. If you want to enlarge any of the pictures, just click on them!
Have a nice stroll !
10 riddles for children
The almanacat

The village of the children. Una Navidad de colores. Plaza Cólon, Madrid. From 19/12/2008 to 6/01/2009.
My blogs.

If you want to receive my portofolio (for publishers and art directors, only), send me a mail at :
To find out more of my news, send me your email address.

  • Award "Serra d'Or", Barcelona
  • "Prix de la critique" Interuniversitary Institut of filology of Valencia
  • National Award for Best illustrations in childrens' books, Spain
  • Skipping Stones Honor Award (category Ecology and Nature), USA
  • Best Illustrated Book of the Valencia region, Spain
  • Children's literature award (Catalan Literary Institute), Barcelona
  • Award of the Catalan's booksellers, Barcelona
  • List of Honor "Los mejores de 2000", Cuatrogatos, USA
  • "White Ravens" (International Youth Library of Munich)
  • Selection from the Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava, Slovak Republic
  • Marmousse d'Or, France
  • List of Honor "Los mejores de 2001", Cuatrogatos, USA
  • 3rd best published book, 2003
  • Award "Enfantaisie", Switzerland
  • Award Frei Martín Sarmiento, Galicia
The moon
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