illustration : Montse Gisbert

"The a

At the same time mysterious and affectionate, soft and rebellious, the cats has always fascinated us… Thanks to the many tales, poetries, games of language or cooking recipes, the cat will have no more secret for you ! Almost… You were unaware that the cats slept 18 hours per day, they could run up to 50 kilometers in an hour and they were venerated like gods by the Egyptians? After having read this superb album, you will become a real "ailourophiles"!
Text by Adeline Yzac. Illustrations by Montse Gisbert.
(a big album: 104 pages).

This album is published in Castilian, Catalan : Tàndem Editions (Valencia), in French : Alice Jeunesse (Brussels).
We are in search of an editor for an English version do not hesitate to contact us!

illustration : Montse Gisbert
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  Cover: El almanagato
  illustration : Montse Gisbert
  illustration : Montse Gisbert
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