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"The desire of the Moon"

Each day is the same story…
When the sun rises, the MOON has nothing else to do…
She starts to be bored…
But today it's the big day!
She has decided to realize her desire!
...In the sky, the stars
will have fun…..

Text and illustrations Montse Gisbert.

This album is published in French : Alice Jeunesse (Brussels), in Castilian, Catalan : Tàndem Editions (Valencia) Portuguese : Bichinho de Conto (Lisboa) and Korean....And maybe one day in Italian or in Martian language?
We are in search of an editor for an English version do not hesitate to contact us!

Cuatrogatos (USA)
CLIJ (Spain)

Children's book fair, Montreuil (France)
Bookstore : Le Rat Conteur (Belgium)

Art center "Rouge-Cloître" (Brussels)
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