illustration : Montse Gisbert

"10 riddles
for children"

We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the book Les endevinalles of Llorenç ("The riddles of Llorenç"), which gained 5 awards and was reprinted several times. On this special occasion we decided to organize a contest of riddles with the readers of 6-7 years old. We knew that the small readers would transform themselves into creatives producers and this new book is the perfect proof ! Ten overflowing riddles full of creativity and poetry! This new book is illustrated by the same illustrators of 1998: Montse Gisbert and Carmela Mayor.
This book is published in catalan and castilian and why not in english?

We are in search of an editor for an English version do not hesitate to contact us!

illustration : Montse Gisbert
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Cover  of the book

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